The Perfidious Albion 2022 – Race Report

I first became aware of The Perfidious Albion in the summer of 2021 and was immediately taken by the clever naming of this UK based ultra endurance cycling event. The origins of the phrase “the perfidious albion” comes from international diplomacy, referring to the notoriously duplicitous and treacherous nature of the British government throughout history … More The Perfidious Albion 2022 – Race Report

January 2020 update

As January’s go this one has been kind from a weather perspective, unseasonably mild temperatures have allowed for more time cycling and running outdoors than even most optimistic people in the North East of Scotland could have anticipated. The year didn’t get off to the best start for me as I was still struggling with … More January 2020 update

The impatient patient

Is there anything more than frustrating than being out injured and looking at your Strava timeline all weekend? I certainly don’t begrudge anyone the fun and enjoyment everyone appears to have had, whether running, cycling, walking or swimming in the brief periods of sunshine that we enjoyed this weekend, because after all I wanted to … More The impatient patient